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The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
Robert Frost

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The Casey Brigade
» Remaking Imperialwings!

I took a few days to make it organized before I let anyone know, but I’m intending to restart a lot of my roleplay blogs! I’m starting with just Casey for now, but expect Pascal, Anise and Ivar to get reboots too. <3

For those interested, here’s the new imperialwings!


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What fum

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Raven laughed softly- well, she did have a point there but that was okay. Past was past right now and he didn’t care. He was just far, far too happy with Casey here to care. Placing a hand over his mouth and snickering into it more with the loud sound coming from her stomach. Looks like someone was hungry.

  “Good, I’d hate to be denied a date with such a pretty girl after we just got back together~” He teased, happily following the knight as she spoke of a place she knew that was good. 

The archer looked the place up and down- damn.. he was surprised it was even still standing yet it held such an inviting atmosphere to it. He was used to run down, shaggy looking places in Dahngrest but with the attitude of the city none of which looked so cozy. His eyes fell to Casey and he snickered,

   ”Don’ worry about apperances, darl-er-Case’. I’ve spent too many years now in Dahngrest ta worry about that.”  Raven snickered even more at the very much old-lady comment, "Yer gonna start making me feel old talkin’ like that, ya’no.” He felt like he was indirectly being called an old man by her. Not that he wasn’t used to that, either.

As he entered the building with her it was almost like he was hit with a very loving sense of home. The place was filled with lower quarter inhabitants which just added to that homey feeling- if you ever had to describe what a family was to someone, Zaphias’ lower quarters was the best way to describe that unlike compared to the stomach turning community of the upper class men of the city.

 ”I can see why ya’d come to this place often— it fits ya.”

"Oh, we’re not that old,” was her immediate response to Raven’s teasing. After giving him an only slightly less-than-cheerful punch to the shoulder, the smile returned to her face. “We’re… mature. Experienced. Not old.”

People didn’t fall apart nearly as quickly as these old buildings did, she thought as she firmly nodded to her own statement. 

The place was relatively quiet as most of its patrons were beginning to wind down for the night—they’d arrived pretty late, after all. Occasionally a group of men in the opposite corner would raise their glasses and clink them together loudly, breaking through the soft murmurs otherwise filling the air.

"It’s warm," she told him as she took her seat. "Warm food, warm smiles. And the food’s got to be good if it’s been standing for this long, eh?"

It was funny, in her travels she’d thought often about what she’d say to her friends if she could see them again. But now that she was sitting right across from one she couldn’t find words. There were too many burning questions, and she wasn’t sure where to start and what to avoid.

"… You look really different," was what she finally settled on. "You walk differently, you sound differently. If I hadn’t chased you down, I wonder if I’d have found you again."

"So, where’d you pick up that accent?"

» Imperialwings - Strictly Professional


His eyes narrowed slightly in spite of himself. As much as he appreciated the Schwann Brigade’s help, especially as stretched thin as the knights were, he didn’t understand how one could learn much from them.


"That’s good to hear," he said, quickly catching himself. "It’s always nice to have new knights join our ranks. And from what I hear you have quite some skill with a bow?"

He coughed again, cursing himself inwardly. Every one of his sentences sounded like a question. He was the Commandant now. He needed to command. He was going to look like an absolute fool in front of the people that needed to respect him.


"So I hear you have some skill with a bow," he repeated, lowering his voice to sufficiently Commandant-esque levels.

She couldn’t help smiling at his quick change in demeanor. He was trying much harder than he needed to, the poor boy.

"That I do," she explained. "I grew up in nobility, and my father taught me at a relatively young age. I’ve mostly used it for sport up until now," she added. "But I assure you I won’t be afraid when I’m needed in combat."

She noted the file in his hands, the tension that was beginning to pain her beginning to sink away as she noted how thin it was. Surely it wasn’t so hard to believe that another person shared her name. And yet he seemed so tense just speaking to her. If he was like this with all recruits…

"I apologize if this is out of line," she began, "But I was wondering how long you’ve been holding this position for, sir. I’m curious, normally someone of your age wouldn’t be considered for quite a few more years."

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"You’re adorable."

"A-ahh…?" Sometimes the bluntest compliments worked best. With no time to find a good comeback, Casey was left fumbling as her face began to flush.

"You’re impossible,” she finally managed, giving him a light slap on the back. “You’ve finally lost your marbles, lieutenant.”

Adorable though, huh? That was… surprisingly nice to hear.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dogs at once…Do you want to have dogs on our brigade?"{hi :3}

When Casey had brought up the idea to the Commandant, she was sure she’d been joking. Trained dogs in the knights? It was unheard of, surely it would be far too difficult to pursue.

But now that the idea was becoming a reality, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. “Well, we’ve been discussing the idea. This breed is relatively easy to train, I’ve heard.” She stroked the dark blue fur of the largest of the pack, her smile widening as its tail began to wag.

"It sounds like it would be awfully fun, doesn’t it?"

"... Mind if I sleep here tonight?"

She hesitated to answer, taking in his bloodshot eyes—and the rings under them. The poor man looked like he hadn’t slept in over a day, surely.

Why he would come to sleep in the barracks of all places was beyond her. The grunting and grumbling of the other soldiers was enough to drive her mad when she tried to sleep.

But perhaps that was exactly it. There was something about having your own quarters after sharing your space for so long—the silence was louder than the people ever were.

"Feel free," she told him. "My bed’s open."